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29-08-08 12:00:00 AM

Photographic Album

The port of Heraklion- VEWS

Pages: 154

Hard cover

Dimensions: 25x30 cm

ISBN : 960-630-307-1

          In the book there are 25 historic black and white pictures from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, 120 colored pictures showing the port’s area, taken by the photographer during the last years and a historic note related to the port’s history during the decades, in Greek and English. 




                                From the photographer’s indroduction

……………………I have been endless times at the port’s area, either in a windy, cold weather, by the wavy see, either enjoying the breeze of spring or autumn, either under the hot sun of summer.

    I have been (at the port’s area) in the early hours, before the sunrise and many times during the sunset of the summer nights.

Lots of times, I have waited behind my camera’s lens, the right time to press my camera’s button, either “begging” a seagull, either the waves, either the people to be in the appropriate place in my picture. These moments I feel my eyes, my mind and my soul to be “called up” and devoted in what is taking place or in what I am expecting and waiting to happen……  


                                                                           Manolis  Papadakis


                          From the indroduction of Pan. Georgoudis


            The photographic “reading” of the moments of the historic port of Iraklion by the the teacher and amateur photographer, Manolis Papadakis, apart from its unique artistic value, has a general social meaning.

            Manolis Papadakis setting the presentation of his photographs according to the seasons, shows by his poetic mood and the coloring transformation of seasons and hours, the nostalgia and  the multiple “ faces” of a reforming living organism, and at the same time, the recording of social events in an area which is sometimes crowded and other times “lonely”, is setted in a mood of major senses.

            The fight, the meeting and the unique dialogue between Nature and Technique which are “captured” by the photographer’s lens in some magic moments at the port, is shocking. The ritual of Nature and Society is brought up in poetic patterns.

            The port anyway is a place of constant poetry.     

                                                                      Panagiotis Georgoudis



                                 Presentation of the book by the journalist Mr. N. Psilaki