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Exhibition of Photography in Luxembourg on May 2004


On the 22nd of April of 2004, the openings of  art photography exhibition of Manolis Papadakis with the title “Landscapes and compositions in Greek color and light ” took place in the Town Hall “Cercle Municipal” at the central square “Place d” Armes” of the city of Luxembourg.

The event was organized by:

The society of “Cretan people in Luxembourg” with Mr. George Aerakis as a President.

The society  “Friends of Greece” with Mr. Edouard Walter as a President.

The Society “Kalliope” with Mr. Henry Fisbach as a President.

The society “Friends of Luxembourg in Crete” with Mr Padelis Bikakis as a President.

Special help was offered from the person in charge of the embassy’s Press in Luxembourg, Mr. Iraklis Galanakis.

The openings were visited by the Ambassador Mrs Katerina Skalidi, the person in charge of the press, Mr Andrianopoulos, Presidents of Greek and Greek- friendly Societies that run in Luxembourg, many people from Luxembourg and many greek people from the European Committee.

In addition many European and Greek people visited the exhibition in Luxembourg from the 21st of April till the third of May of 2004. 


                                                     Pictures from the exhibition







                                                    Newspaper "Luxembourg Wort"   26 April 2004



                                                                  Photographs from the Exhibition