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     They say that anyone who has visited Mount Athos would like to go back again.
     My first visit was from the 1st till the 6th of July of 2007 and the second one from the 1st till the 8th of July of 2008 both for worshiping God and for continuing the photographic work with Mount Athos as a subject.
     On both of my visits I was a guest in monasteries or I just visited them.:
Megisti Lavra, Vatopedion, Simon Petras, Iviron, Koutouloumousion, Pantokrator, Stayronikitas, Filotheos, Karakalos, Gregorios and the sketes of St. Andreas and Prophet Ilias.
     You go to Mount Athos as a modest worshipper in a holy place where you meet at the same time the natural beauty, the history, the tradition and the spiritual factor.
     There are many things that happened to be together at Athos peninsula.
     The beauty of the natural landscape, the Greenland, the deserted and rocky places, the light blue of the sky and the see are combined together in an excellent way with the still monuments whose history goes back many centuries ago.
     After these two visits, I would like to visit the other monasteries and to meet in person the monks to listen to them and to learn about their lives.
     I would also like to see more pictures in order to keep them with me for ever with the help of my photographic lens.
     Taking pictures is not an easy thing of course, because photography is not allowed in some places.

     Many thanks to my children friend and now priest-monk in Mount Athos, Father Gerasimos.

     The photographic work “Photographic Travelogue in Mount Athos”  approximately 50 minutes of duration will be shown in a sound-recorded in presentations 2008 and 2009.