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      ……… “ At Tunisie on August ?  Where and how are you going to the desert in such a worm weather?".
    We were listening too things like that from some people that had visited or heard about Tunisie.
    We were just a glimpse away from not going.
    For our own good, we didn’t listen to them but we listen to some few people and to ourselves.
     Indeed, our visit in Tunisie apart from being a cheap trip it was also a unique experience.
    On the first day of our trip, some brave people from our group went to the desert on the camels in a sandstorm and with a temperature 48o C.
    It was a marvelous experience.
    The original Tunisie is the North part.
    I suggest the excursion to the oasis and the safari with 4x4 jeeps on the sand hills.
    People of Tunisie are simple, worm, hospitable, proud and happy with the few things they have.  
    Of course someone needs to know which place he visit.
    A couple going to Tunisie on their honeymoon, I would say that weren’t really excited.
    It wasn’t a good choice for sure.
    For honeymoon I would suggest somewhere else………..