Manolis Papadakis  EFIAP   


                                                                                                                          C V

Manolis Papadakis was born in Myrtia (Barbaroi) of Heraklion but permanently stays in Heraklion. He is married and he has a son and a daughter. Additionally, he is a  teacher of mathematics in Heraklion.


He graduated from the university in 1978 and he has been in secondary education in Lysee  since 1981. In 1992, he attended a training course for secondary school teachers SELME. He has occasionally attended some seminars relative to mathematics teaching (a total number of 35 hours). In addition he has participated in different seminars in informatics from 1985 till 2000 (a total number of 750 hours).

He has participated in environment releated seminars from 1991 till 2000 (a total number of 40 hours ).

He has finally participated in seminars of occupational counseling.

Foreign language

He has got the national certificate in English language expertise.


He has got the national certificate in computing.

Teaching experience

28 years as a teacher of mathematics.

22 years in the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete, organizing seminars regarding the skills and the art of photography.

4 months in the labour Institute, teaching skills and photographic art.

2 nine-hours seminars for primary school teaching, from which the first took place in 1999 and the second in 2006.

1 of 10 hours seminar for secondary school teachers in 2000.

Participation in the Cretan meeting for the environment with a speech related to the art and environment and demonstration of a photographic projection.

A seminar of  art photography for the members of the architects’ society of Heraklion municipality.

Α speech in a 90 hours seminar at Commenius 2.1 Programme, related to the production and presentation of photographic material.

Since 2-3-2007, he has been added in the teaching staff register of EKDDA (National Center of Public Management and free Management )

Editing work

In 2004 he published the book-album “The port of Iraklion” with photographs and abstracts related to the port.

Photographic activity

    In 1981 he became a member of the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete, and in 1987 he was elected into the Administrative Committee of the H.P.S. of Crete as a supervisor, then as a treasurer. Today he holds the position of the vice- Chairman, at the same time having sat on a number of judging committees

    For many years  he has offered his  knowledge and experience of the art photography,  teaching new photographers  at the H.P.S, at seminars for secondary school teachers, as well as at other seminars.

    He is interested in a wide range of subjects and kinds of art photography, but especially in human related topics , in  photographing nature and compositions involving colour.


Within the activities he takes part in, is the organizing of students’ groups of photography and video in the secondary school, involving seminars and presentations of photographic projects, multimedia and videos which have as topics the art and the skills of photography.

During the last eight years he uses and teaches at the same time, the use of new technologies in photographic production (picture manipulation and use) in photography and in CD multimedia making.

These years he has made various CDs multimedia and two from those are the CDs related to the students’ exchange between Heraklion-Luxembourg and Heraklion-Cyprus.


His work has been published in many  journals and magazines in Greece and Luxembourg.    

      His photographs  have been published in international collections of art photography, photographic magazines, in albums, calendars etc.  There are  photographs of his, on display at the Museum of Greek Culture in Canada, as well as on an international CD of 303 photographers from all over the world, entitled: “Photographers of the end of the millennium.”

    He has participated in local,  national  and international exhibitions and competitions, where his photographs have won a total of 109 medals and awards.

    He has been especially recognized in Greece, where he has won  7 gold, 7 silver and 8 bronze medals, along with 44 other merits.

    During the course of participating  in international exhibitions - galleries and  Biennal Photographs, all over the world from 1996 onwards, he has received 778 international awards, 43 international medals and special mentions, ( 7 gold, 3 silver, 8 bronze and 25 merits.)

    In 1997 he was honoured by the Photographic Society of America (P.S.A.) and in 1999 he won the 2nd Star.

    In 1998 he was awarded the  title A.FIAP and in December 2002 the title E.FIAP (Excellent Artist of the International Photographic Society) from the F.I.A.P. (Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique).


    His first exhibition was in Myrtia, the second one was in Iraklio and there was one man show in

 «Cercle municipal »  of Luxembourg city in April 2004 with the topic “ Landscapes and compositions in Greek color and light ” and an individual also exhibition in Iraklion on October 2005, with the topic” Luxembourg ”, inaugurated by the former president of European Union, Mr Jacque Sander.

    There were group exhibitions art photography all over Greece mainly  together with other internationally recognized Cretan photographers and recently participation in a exhibition of Greek and French artists in Frederic Moisan gallery in the center of Paris.

    Along with photography  he is involved in   creative video.

    In 1998 he entered the Thessaloniki Festival of  Creative Cinematography and Video Films, with his video film ‘KYKLOS’ and during the last years he works a lot on making and processing digital videos. During the last years also he has made various multimedia CDs , including CDs related to the students’ exchanging between Iraklion-Luxembourg and IraklionCyprus

    He has also presented sound-accompanied  shows of slides, the most important being the presentation  at Cadenet in France, with the title ‘Greece - Crete’; the show entitled ‘4 Seasons’ at the Koule Fortress  and at the Pancretan Conference on the Environment in 2000 and "Mount Athos" and recently requested photos from the collection " Mountain Athos " for a calendar from the publishing house of the Russian Orthodox church in Moscow.